MOMUMI at Cayuga on Democracy NOW!

Children of Deported Parents Plan Protest at U.S.-Mexico Border

Aug 17, 2018 | Democracy NOW! | Full text here.


H14 separated familes
Photo Credit: Democracy NOW!

And in immigration news, a group of children and teenagers who have been separated from their parents for years as a result of U.S. deportation policies are planning to travel to the border in Texas in early September to reunite with their deported parents and demand immigration authorities allow their parents to return to the United States. These are two members of the group Movement of Migrant Women and Their Families, Guadalupe and Miguel Angel González, a brother and sister who are planning to travel to Texas to reunite with their mother, who was deported to Mexico.

Guadalupe González: “All I’m demanding is what I’m given by right—that is to say, my mother. We’re going to cross the border and return with our family members, because we’re demanding the authorities return them to us and that they allow them to pass.”

Miguel Angel González: “We young people with rights and papers who were born in the United States, we’re going to the border in Texas to demand that they return our parents to us, because it doesn’t feel good to live without your mother or your father.”


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